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FAQs for Events & Important Notes:

1. How to post an Event on
i. Log into FLIXMATES and Sign up as an Individual OR Sign up your company
ii. Please ensure to select your category as “Services”. Complete the next two small forms and submit with correct email in the end.
iii. Complete your verification by clicking the verification link sent to you on your registered email.
iv. Once you have validated your account via the email, log into FLIXMATES and click your Profile. You will see a Business Console activated for you.
v. In your Business Console, Click the “POST” option and select Events. This will open up the Event detail form for you to fill in your Event details
vi. Your Event will be verified by FLIXMATES and will be activated within 24Hrs.
vii. Please ensure to fill in your correct bank details as we will be transferring your ticket amounts to this account.
*Please note that facility to Post an Event on FLIXMATES is available only through the website

2. What categories of Events can be posted?
i. FLIXMATES allows organisers to post events across College festivals, Conferences, Entertainment, Sports & Fitness, Treks & trips and Workshops
ii. FLIXMATES allows posting of RSVP and PAID events. Only PAID events will be charged.

3. Charges and Payments
a. FLIXMATES charges only to the customers to the Events which is 5% of the per ticket sold (inclusive of GST)
*Payment gateway charges of 2% will be extra
b. The amount collected via ticket sales will be remitted to organiser’s account within 3 days of completion of the Event. Invoices and receipts will be sent via email.

4. Cancellation and Refunds
a. In the event that the event booked by the Customer is cancelled; the money paid for such event shall be fully refunded to the Customer. Such refund shall take a minimum of 1 (one) ­ 3 (three) weeks to process and get refunded.
b. In case a Customer decides to cancel his event request on his own accord, then the organizer shall be coordinated with by FLIXMATES to try and ensure that the Customer receives a refund, but the decision to provide the Customer shall be the sole right and discretion of the organizer and the decision of the organizer shall be final. In the event the refund is refused by the Organizer, FLIXMATES shall not be held liable or accountable by the Customer as the Website ensures to try and do everything in its power to guarantee that the refund is provided.