About us

About Us

To all the TALENTED professionals in the world…Here’s the platform you have been waiting for!! 



Flixmates.com is first of its kind Entertainment Aggregator where it aims to bring the entire Entertainment industry (TV, Cinema, Theatre, Stage, Freelance Artists, Reality Show seekers, Technicians, Crew, suppliers and the rest) on a single common platform; irrespective of their age, sex, social status, language and level of Talent.  

This will help the entertainment professionals who are lacking reach and direction and are on constant look out for that one chance to showcase their skills to the right sources. 

 Users ranging from Kids to Adults; aspiring to showcase their TALENT by way of Acting, Singing, Dancing, Composing Music, writing a Script writing a Screenplay, Edit Stories, or if you are Technically skilled, ready to work as crew, want to supply materials, or want to connect as Vendors………….ALL are welcomed on Flixmates.com. 
Flixmates.com helps you Interact, Share, Exchange ideas, Network with right Talent Hunters and assists you to find the best of opportunities for your SKILLS & TALENT.  

Flixmates App is an Entertainment industry’s, 

  • State of the Art Entertainment Tabloid 
  • Newspaper for latest gossips 
  • Industry’s Job lister   
  • Industry’s Social Network   
  • Private Chat platform 
  • Talent Highlighter 
  • Alert indicator for Opportunities 
  • Complete Talent Directory 

With Flixmates.com – Its YOU and the Talent Hunter; irrespective of Geographies, Age, Creed, Religion, Languages and Communities.  

Practically, Flixmates.com will help you remain engaged in your FOCUSED industry as well as help you to upscale your current state of your profession. 

So, Keep Networking………Keep Showcasing…………Keep Achieving!!