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Welcome to FANOOS: Torch of talent

Since the time and the moment I started working as an Actor the passion towards this art form slowly grew within me.I stumbled into Theatre and Acting by coincidence and the self realization dawned on me that this is what I wanted to do.

I was just a beginner and yet The Reviews said that I was a natural performer as if the stage is my home and the audience my family.Only I knew how nervous I felt and had so much to learn.I knew nothing about the craft of acting,since I had not attended any Acting school.

The fact that I was surrounded by N.S.D.Graduates posed as a a challenge  for me. I was always a keen observer by nature and so learnt a lot while working and acting alongside trained actors and Theatre Directors of high repute. In a way I was blessed to have such an opportunity .

My journey on this path gradually began and my passion for exploring this art form grew eventually. 

I have come a long way. 

Today I have taken the next step by starting a Theatre group with immense passion and hardwork.Eversince I was nurturing the thought of establishing my own Theatre group I kept wondering what would I name it just like naming a new born child. 

Lohitmandala is a lesser known place in the Kashmir valley growing one of the best Saffron. Lohitmandala the name itself sounded so ancient and sanskrit to me signifying the purity ,the fragrance and the holistic value of the Saffron that I felt very connected and knew it had to be 'Lohitmandala 'and that's why the Kalash with the Saffron was ideal  as the logo 

'Panchi Aise Aate Hain 'is my first venture under lohitmandala prastuti.With a dedicated team of actors and technical team we are growing successfully together.

'Fanoos' is the next  attempt to bring together aspiring actors under one roof to learn, focus and discipline themselves while we train them to  explore and have a clearer perspective towards the art & craft of acting .



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