Posted on 19 Jun, 2020 02:28 am by Pinal

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My journey of being an amateur scriptwriter.

I have been writing scripts for the past three years and I am very much into it. I have written two scripts till now and really looking forward to getting an opportunity to work with everyone. I really want people to perceive my caliber and how much intrigued I am in this profession. I know it's not that easy but it's not too difficult as well. I know it takes loads of hard work and patience to network with people. my scriptwriting journey didn't start very easy as i was into direction as well. I read somewhere that to become a director you have to try your hands at scriptwriting. so I started watching tutorials and downloading PDFs. I would search the movie script treatments so that I get some clue because scriptwriting is not child's play. also cane to know the difference between a spec script and shooting script. I started writing down what came into my mind. the ideas that drove me crazy ad I would imagine every scene. during this journey, I was no stranger to writer's cramp as every writer all around the world gets it. but that pain in my hand stands to reason. I am just awaiting the right opportunity to come my way and once it comes, I will strive harder than ever. this is my pledge and mist importantly my journey of being an amateur scriptwriter.