Posted on 16 Feb, 2020 10:59 pm by FlixMates official

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ZARA - Twinkling star from Uzbekistan

Here's beautiful ZARA, immensely talented On stage artist from Uzbekistan.

ZARA works as an On Stage freelance artist across various Entertainment and Modelling projects around the world. Beautiful face with Brown eyes, Fair complexion and Hazel hair, she commands sharp physical features and is experienced in acting for advertorial shoots and short films.

Extremely popular not only in Uzbekistan but outside the home region as well; ZARA fluently speaks English and Russian. ZARA loves to travel around the world, her X factor being a "hard worker" and  loves challenging projects.

Please visit ZARA's picture gallery @ and connect with her.

FLIXMATES takes pride in representing ZARA as one of its honoured FLIXY

Way to go girl !!