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Interview with Arpit Rana

1. Q What do you call yourself? Any Nick names or Industry name? 
    A. Freak
2. Q You are good at? In one words.
    A. Writing

3. Q What triggered your passion to enter in showbiz? 
    A. I was searching for my Aim and Passion, suddenly I got answer by series of events in my life that my passion lies in TV industry and Bollywood.
4. Q Define your struggle in few lines (mention your background, years of struggle and approx.
 no of projects you did)
    A. Well, as a blogger I struggled for 1 year to properly enter in the blogging industry. I learnt little seo and I also learned about linkedin through social media advertising of blog. After that in linkedin I made 1K+ followers due to my blogs and I also got some music directors as connections in linkedin. I sent them my lyrics they were happy to see and were really impressed and promised me for converting it to video but till today they didn’t convert my any lyrics to video. They ask me to move to Bombay as I am in middle of my engineering I can’t. So, they left me as it is and said we will make it into video after sometime. Why I am using they because I faced this with multiple directors.

5. Q Is this you always wanted to be? (Yes or No). 
    A. No, I still want to be a star and join industry at least as a lyricist first after that I wants to step in acting.
6. Q That one pain you would never want to encounter again (in few sentences) : 
    A. Heartbroken due to girlfriend who cheated me. It really broke me a lot because I really loved her, but now I feel I am way better, stronger and more human after she exit from my life.
7. Q Your first major break : 
    A. In blogging, due to my skills I remain getting offers by UK and USA based freelancing companies to join their network as a content writer. Not simple freelancing companies but the ones in which you need to apply by giving tests for very high paying projects. One such offer I got first
time in around september 2018. I don’t remember the exact date.  As a lyricist, I sent my lyrics to music director who claims to work for star & sony networks and he was so impressed by my lyrics that he called me on phone and asked me to soon write a song for his upcoming video. But when he heard that I can’t move to Bombay right now, he said he will make my song after some days and those days never came.
8. Q Your best assignment so far (also explain why)
    A. Masoomiyat a love song written by me, which was liked by many directors. It was based on my love story. Apart from it in blogging, is the best blogging website I run.
9. Q Your industry idol (Indian or Non-Indian)
     A. Shah Rukh Khan for being so down to earth and an amazing human after being called as world’s biggest movie star and 2nd richest actor in world. From outside, I like Jackie Chan for dedicating such an extent of hardwork that even his bones crack regularly for making his action movies. Apart from it, Jackie Chan is one of the kindest star I ever heard of. As a lyricist, I like Bryan Adams for writing super meaningful songs.
10. Q Who is the other person who is living your dreams in the showbiz world? 
      A. Not entirely but to a little extent it’s SRK. If I was in his place, I would also try to influence youth for a better life because he can do it. He have  tons of fans who will listen to him, but still I would say he is a great human being.
11. Q Your most prized possession
      A. The spiritual knowledge I have. I don’t believe in material possessions. I like science but for getting peace I still trust on spirituality.
12. Q. Latest project you are working on 
13. Q What’s new that you recently acquired (equipment, skill, network etc.)
      A. I would say I am learning affiliate marketing for blogs and learnt half of it. I am also learning some psychology to influence people and lastly I   learnt basics of script writing in Hindi. all this in last month. 
14. Q One tip for upcoming talents
      A. Find your aim and passion, discover who you are and work until you reach your aim. After reaching to aim try to move forward to a new level.
15. Q One improvement you want to see in the industry 
       A. Make opportunities to people who are not from metro cities, like I am. I can’t move to Mumbai easily from here until I complete my engineering. 
16. Q One question you always wanted to ask the industry 
      A. Why only Mumbai ? Let’s make industry easily accessible for every state.
17. Q One person you would like to help from showbiz or talent fraternity (for once in your life)
       A. SRK
       a. Mention that person’s email id (optional)
  ( email id of his office)
        b. Message to that person in one line
            Let me write scripts and lyrics for your movie Sir, I want to write a story for you that will deliver your king level of success to you again .
18. Q Your vision for the showbiz industry 
      A. I wish to see talents from all over the India can access this industry easily. Apart from it, I want to deliver super meaningful content to Indian viewers. 
19. Q Finally – Are you Happy with whatever you have achieved? (Yes or No)  
      A. Yes, happy but still not satisfied. I have dreams to achieve more.