Posted on 02 Jul, 2020 10:34 pm by Pinal

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Depression and Mental heath

The title says it all but discussion and understanding is also important. The more we spread awareness the better the world will be. Mental health problems have always been ignorant because we ignore it ,thinking that it's embarrassing when it's not. we think it's abnormal and refrain from expressing our views. At the end of the day, we are only humans and we have our own share of problems, ups and downs, sorrows, sadness, happiness and what not. But we forget it. we aren't ready to accept the reality but ready to live in illusions. Gone are those days when mental health problems were ignored,when mentally disturbed people were ignored and misunderstood because of some stereotypical people. the times have changed because there was someone who got up, stood tall,made way through the crowd of stereotype.

it's very important to seek medication and treatment, to talk to your dear ones about it. a helping hand extended by someone always feels like a God's gift. but you can't keep relying on them all your life. you have to fight it back and try to fight it alone as well. there is something called 'inner strength'. you have to wake it up to make every negative energy sleep forever. what if there is no one around you or nobody understands you? what if the gods up there are against u? how are will you deal with everything? that is the time your inner strength plays vital role in your vitality. you can seek medication but you can't seek you inner strength because it's already inside you. now is the time to fight your demons. it's a human vs demon fight. come out and talk about it so that everyone around you gets to know it's importance and the need to end it forever. keep your opinions,experience and emotions on the table rather than keeping them under the it. if not today, then when?