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10 Free Tips for Auditions

In today's world youngsters are attracted to the Entertainment world very easily and they believe its easy to get a break. Howevever in reality things are not as rosy as it might appear. To help the new comers and wannabe struggglers, here are few tips that can come handy while seeking opportunities in movies:

If you wish to participate in an Audition:

1. REMEMBER, there are only few genuine Companies and Agents who are transparent and do not cheat in the name of big breaks. So do not fall for fake offers and attractive advertisements while applying for jobs and auditions in the entertainment world.

2. Generally youngsters have a dream of making it big as soon as they land up in city like Mumbai which is the biggest producer of movies in the world. However, they dont realise that there are fake production houses and cheating channels who can exploit them very early.

3. In today's digital age, there are multiple ways to be sure before you leave your hometown with the expectation of becoming the next big star. Use better mechanism like FLIXMATES which are free and provides network to other struggglers to share and learn from thier experiences and plan better. Since technology is so advanced these days, it is advisable to go for Online auditions (even if it is paid) rather than wasting your time and money by going to the venue and still be unsure of getting the "FIT" tag.

4. The usual procedure for any audition goes like - the person conducting the audition shortlists best of the lot and forwads it to its higher authorities who in turn shortlist further and then the selected candidates are informed about the dates, budget and other details as per the project. Clips and tapes of selected individuals are shared further with the channel who narrows down to the final candidates. In majority of the cases, budgets are generally not announced before shortlisting is finalised.

5. If by chance you get the mobile number of any casting agent, PLZ DO NOT call them as they are really busy with thier daily routines and your phone call can irritate them. Casting guys receive tons of messages daily on thier phones and they may not have time to go through your profile in the cluster of messages. Share your FLIXMATES link instead of sending scattered whataspp messages.

6. Companies and Casting groups do not have time to screen candidates and thats why it is important to make that FIRST impression in the right way. Don't Whatsapp or mail ur pics just becoz you got a number or email, instead use professional methods like sharing your FLIXMATES link to highlights the best about your talents and strikes in the face of the recruiter immediatley.

7. Even the recruiter are now a days using online technologies and platforms to shortlist conveniently; hence it is recommended to look out for portals which provides online auditions and easy screening of portfolios.

8. For offline auditions, Check whether you really fit their bill  to save your time, money and energy. Its better to try somewhere else rathet than be part of the crowd and get rejected. You too deserve respect!.

When u reach for audition ask the attendant for 'Q' sheet and get urself registered for ur turn. if they don't have 'Q' sheet thn find out politely as to who is  the last person to enter before you. Avoid arguements about chronology of 'Q' and try to maintain discipline and peace.

9. Take your time to go through the script provided to you, try to do some mock rehearsals but don't rush. This is not your last chance. Be on your own and avoid copying others as you may get affected and lose your natural performance.

10. Artist card is NOT COMPULSORY.  Some production house do insists for Artist Card but no authority can drive you out of shooting for not having Artist Card. Remember ! Card is only an's not give you depending on your talent. DO NOT PAY to agents who claim that they can help you to get an Artist Card for small amounts.

Last but not the least: English is not a compulsory languague, feel free to use your languague while communicating with any production house during audition or seeking any job.

All the best. God bless you all