Posted on 15 Apr, 2019 11:30 am by Flixmates 24

Speaking Souls 3.0: Themed I Poetry & Storytelling


It's high time that Mental Health needs to be talked about. More than 70% of people in India facing issues mentally don't report it because of the way it is looked down and dismissed.

Speaking Souls 3.0 Themed brings together performers talking about mental health and audience who can take away the essence of the impact it has. We want to make some difference in the way people perceive and express mental health. 

Performances are open to the public. Each performer gets 5 minutes to perform either a poem or a story relating to Mental Health. No language restriction. Book Now! 

HaikuJAM is a collaborative writing app for creative expression, meaningful connection, and stress-relief. Based in a colorful cottage in Bandra (Mumbai), it hosts community and arts events, runs a gift shop and a cafe every Saturday.

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