Posted on 23 Mar, 2019 11:30 am by Flixmates 33

Speaking Souls 2.0: Mumbai Chapter | Spoken Word | Open Mic


Speaking Souls is one of India's fastest growing spoken word and open mic chain and also the first one to go International! Our last show was the first of its kind in Dubai! We have had the top Spoken Poetry artists from India also perform for us.

Speaking Souls is an all-inclusive event comprising of performances in Storytelling, Poetry, Music, Comedy or any other creative talent is also welcomed! The best part, it is open for the public to participate! You can either perform/attend this magical evening.

Each performer gets a video of their performance, photographs, photo - digital certificate and a BOOK each. Each attendee gets photos of the event and bookmarks. 

General rules:

No language and age restriction.

Each performer gets one 5 minute slot.

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