Posted on 23 Mar, 2019 11:30 am by Flixmates 37

Mentoring Roundtable on Growth, Operations and Scaling Up


 We believe that an entrepreneur learns the most in peer to peer mode, top it up with mentor guidance, and we have the perfect setting for all the learning you need.

What is Mentoring Roundtable?

Mentoring Roundtable is an open mentoring and Q&A session, during which attendees will get the opportunity to ask any questions they have about these topics specific to their business and seek answers from the mentor as well as from peers in the room.

Our super mentor Ajit Joshi will gear the session on the following topic:

Topic: Growth, Operations and Scaling up

The session will introduce the following themes to participants and help them apply it to their startups:

  1. Horizontal and vertical growth strategies
  2. Deriving operational efficiencies through big data and synergies
  3. Scaling up through product innovations

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who has a business and is struggling to scale it up
  • Anyone who knows what it's like handling a growing business and is up for some sharing
  • Entrepreneurs who have raised Seed Funding


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