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Every Object Tells A Story - Online Storytelling Workshop

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Tickets Left : 100
Ticket Price/person : 550 (Price Incl. processing charges)



A space is surrounded by many things, small and big. What if they get a voice to speak?

The workshop will explore the world of objects, materials and the art of play/games to create stories and simple drama in the most impactful ways, using the items surrounding us. A stapler for a crocodile, charging wire for a skipping rope etc is just a glimpse into the ideas. The workshop will explore the world of simple joys in performing stories using the objects around us.


What will you learn through the workshop:

  • The curiosity to look at objects with life
  • Connecting with the audience through the medium of a miniature world
  • Create stories that are interactive and playful
  • Adding life to your performance / sessions / classes
  • Hooking the audience/listeners to your narrative


The workshop is suitable for

  • Educators
  • Writers
  • Storytellers
  • Teachers
  • Theatre Artists
  • Public speakers
  • Anyone who works with children
  • Anyone who works through a story and anyone willing to learn something new.



About the Workshop:

  • The workshop will be conducted online through Zoom platform.
  • The link to join the workshop will be shared on the day of the workshop
  • Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome
  • No prior experience is required.


About the artist:

Vikram Sridhar is a Bangalore/Chennai Performance Storyteller, Theatre Practitioner, and a Story Researcher especially folktales and Myths. Sitting behind temple elephants, nursing wounded puppies, working with various theatre groups, Vikram today combines his various interests and work over the years in his storytelling journey working with children teens and adults using Storytelling and Theatre. Through folklore and his extensive travels, he is trying to research and explore our rich heritage of oral literature through the various forms of art. He believes in storytelling as a strong medium of conservation, from nature to human relationships.

He is the co-founder of one of Bangalore’s esteemed theatre group, Tahatto and the founder of India’s first Storytelling collective, The Bangalore Storytelling Society. He is part of the organizing team of various literature based festivals like the Bangalore Literature Festival, Bengaluru Poetry Festival, Dum Dama Dum: Children theatre and Reading Festival, The BeSt ( Bengaluru Storytelling ) Festival, Kovai Bookalatta, among others. 



About Artkhoj:

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Tickets once sold will not be refunded.

Venue & address:
City: Online
Venue : Online Event
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Date & time:
Start date: 17 Jan, 2021 11:00 am
End date: 17 Jan, 2021 01:00 pm