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Camp Self Love


This Valentine Day weekend, remove all the distractions and make yourself your beloved one. Connect deeper with a night out in rustic, wild and natural camping grounds in Mumbai.


Amidst the current trend of dating apps and material engagements, to truly be able to receive and share love, we first have to love and value ourselves. So, let's practice the art of self-appreciation and self-love, and learn to live and love freely!


Feel nature’s love flow through you as you sit beside a bonfire, share stories under a starlit sky with friends old and new, give yourself full attention and appreciation that you deserve from yourself. Treat yourself to a tasty earthen style dinner, have the best sleep in tents pitched across a spacious field overlooking the city skyline and wake up with the sun to a farm fresh breakfast.


As a salute to V-Day, we reconnect with self and our loved ones with a session on self-love learning - how love can improve our lives. It’s a unique weekend of relaxation and learning for everyone, whether you are solo, with friends, with family or with kids and pets.


Happy Valentines Day!

Trip Itinerary:

  • Meet up at Marwe beach at 7 pm.

  • Reach the campsite

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Tent Pitching Session

  • Ready, Set, Camp!

  • Fun games and activities

  • Interactive discussions and stories

  • Self Appreciation session

  • Dinner

  • Dream dive in comfy sleeping bags

  • Rise with the sun

  • Soak in a fresh village morning

  • Breakfast

  • Head back home.



  • Camp in spacious open fields

  • Dinner

  • Cozy Tents

  • Comfortable, individual sleeping bags

  • Fun activities

  • Breakfast

  • Session on Self Appreciation

  • Transport from meeting point to campsite and back

  • First Aid safety by a certified Wilderness First Responder (WFR)


This is a leisure camping event but reaching the secluded camping spot requires a bit of walking through village farms and uneven terrain. The walk is quite easy and almost anyone can make it.

How To Pack & Prepare:
Grab a small to medium sized bag and put in items mentioned in our Essentials list.
The less heavy your bag is, the more enjoyable your experience will be.


- Flashlight or Headlamp (Must)

- Snacks and munchies
- Personal Identification

- Personal medication
 (Please do let us know in advance about any medical conditions, if any.)


The right clothing:

This is a leisure camping event where so feel free to wear clothing of your choice. Full clothing is recommended.  




The campsite is equipped with an earthen style dry pit toilet.

Tents and sleeping quarters:
A 2 to 4 -person tent will be shared among 2-4 Individual participants. Each participant shall receive an individual sleeping bag.

Private tents are also available at extra charge.

Camping Gyan/attitude:
Staying open-minded, positive & faithful 
Camping is an outdoor activity so it essential to respect nature and be mindful of our surroundings. This is a leisure camping event but to enjoy the secluded camping requires a bit of walking along across uneven terrain. The walk is quite easy and almost anyone can make it.

We should always mind that Mother Nature chooses the weather and it is important for us to stay grounded and keep our heads over our shoulders, to not panic and to keep confidence in the decision of the organizers.

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