Posted on 23 Mar, 2019 11:30 am by Flixmates 25

#BreakingBarriers - Leading Change as Women in Business ( Mumbai)


In a highly globalized & dynamic world, to say that 'Change is the only constant' feels self-explanatory. Yet, are we as women truly poised to benefit from change? Or even be the change-makers ourselves?

Our 2019 #BreakingBarriers theme, Leading Change as women in business will explore:

- How can you anticipate changes in your industry and ecosystem that will both challenge you, and lead to an explosion of opportunities for you? 

- How are new digital technologies going to impact your potential?

- Can you make use of community building and support to meet new challenges?

- For those returning to work, what new opportunities are arising?


Besides stellar speakers and insightful sessions, you will also find many opportunities to share your own work and find potential partners, customers, and even employees.

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