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Acting Classes for films , tv and theatre


Acting Techniques ( Eric Morris & Stephen Book)

Discover The Power of the Actor

The goal of this class is to investigate and strip back these habits of thinking, being, and doing and to forge a connection to the body that can allow the actor to communicate with presence, subtly, spontaneity, and above all truth. With the lifting of these physical blocks, the actor also gains deeper access to their emotional life and the ability to make stronger choices and craft stronger performances.

Class size is limited to ensure attention to the development of the individual

This 4 Week class will provide you with an intellectual, psychological, physical and spiritual approach to creating layered characters. You will learn how to break down scripts, analyze characters, make dynamic choices, and organize those choices in a cohesive way. You will learn skills that help you to create emotional vibrancy, identify transitional moments, and maintain your character's scene objective in a chaotic set environment, which will be vital for your career success. You will also learn technical knowledge of on-camera acting, blocking, continuity, lighting and how to handle yourself on a set. Work outside of class is expected. Our Acting tools will keep actors present and inspire a raw, profound, dynamic and powerful performance. 

   Each student's instrument consists of their breath, body, voice, mind & emotion; along with their imagination, impulse, expression, and soul. To be able to be expressive and present as an actor, students need to be in a healthy and exciting relationship with themselves, especially their voice. A student's voice can be characterized as the muscle of their soul. This course is the journeys towards developing the courage and trust necessary to risk exploring a new relationship with their instruments, to support self-discovery in moving beyond existing physical and vocal habits, patterns, preconceived beliefs, and fears that may prevent them from reaching acting goals in this industry.


  • Emotional blocks and obstacles ( Eric Morris)
  • The sense of Being By Eric Morris
  • Awareness & Movement
  • Modern Improv Technique ( Stephen Book)
  • Physical Doing 
  • Inner Doing
  • Offstage Past, Present, Future
  • Character Making ( Physical & Psychological)
  • Emotional Arc & Switch
  • Purpose of Scene ( Conflict, Agreement0
  • Monologues
  • Scene Study
  • Audition Tricks & Techniques

 4 Theatre Plays After Workshop To Be Performed By Students & Casting Support With Known Productions In Mumbai!

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