Posted on 16 Sep, 2020 01:03 am Category: T.V Series

Category: T.V Series

Audition Begins: 16 Sep, 2020 01:02 am Audition Ends: 31 Oct, 2020 01:02 am

Audition Ends: 31 Oct, 2020 01:02 am

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College boys & girls wanted - Tv serials & films Auditions going on whats app me photos & details @ 8291670385

Male | Female
10-15 | 15-20 | 20-25 | 25-30 | 30-40
5ft - 152cm | 5ft 1in - 154cm | 5ft 2in - 157cm | 5ft 3in - 160cm | 5ft 4in - 162cm | 5ft 5in - 165cm | 5ft 6in
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We want fresher new college boys & girls for tv serials and films now auditions are going on in our office
We are launching new boys and girls in our projects come for auditions today in our office
Boys age gruop 16 to 30
Girls age gruop 16 to 28
We have given work to more than 1000 artist in tv shows and films
we give work on talent basis look basis
Send me your photo and details on my whatsapp no @ 8291670385

Casting Head - 8291670385

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